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In addition to independent research and development, the company also actively carries out technical cooperation projects with Sichuan University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other universities, absorbs the latest research results, and continuously improves the company's new product research and development capabilities. Heshun New Materials Co., Ltd., as a specialized, specialized, and new enterprise in Zhejiang Province, is the leader of differentiated functional products in the national polyester film industry, and its core competitiveness lies in its continuous R&D and innovation capabilities. After years of accumulation, we have mastered a number of advanced processes and unique formulation technologies for the manufacture of polyester film materials. At the same time, we know that continuous innovation is the source of enterprise development, and continuous exploration and accumulation of strong scientific research capabilities can be better. create value for customers. To this end, we continue to expand scientific research investment, introduce various professional talents, configure relevant equipment, and have an excellent team of nearly 50 engineers







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National Utility Model Patent

National-level high-tech enterprise

Provincial R&D Centres

Provincial-level Specialized and New SMEs

Heshun Technology has successfully applied for 15 invention patents and 38 national utility model patents

And has participated in the formulation of a number of local industry standards

The advancement of the industry makes us go faster, and the support of many high-quality customers makes us go further

Electronic and electrical non-ferrous polyester films

Top 3 in the country

Top 2 in Zhejiang Province

Polyester films for automotive and architectural window films

Top 3 in the country

Top 2 in Zhejiang Province

Specialists in the production of functional polyester films

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